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Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders help us deliver our objectives and are engaged at different levels in the work that we carry out. Exposomics is a large ‘exposome’ consortium funded by European Commission (FP7). The aims of involvement of stakeholders include integrating and disseminating the most relevant results:

                (a) on the “reduction of uncertainty” paradigm;

                (b) on the role of multiple environmental contaminants in disease risk, on the basis of improved exposure assessment;

                (c) on novel chemical risks identified via untargeted omics (“hazard identification”);

                (d) and on the burden of disease attributable to environmental agents (how the latter changes with improved exposure assessment and risk estimation, for selected exposures and diseases).

All these aspects are highly relevant for a number of stakeholders, in particular for policymakers and international agencies including:  

                (a) a refined model for exposure assessment that would have an impact on environmental policies;                           (b) estimates of reduction of uncertainty and refined estimates of the burden of disease attributable to selected environmental exposures.

To this end, a network of stakeholders has been identified and encouraged to become actively involved in the project. These include WHO, US EPA, NIEHS, EEA, NGOs, industry representatives and others.