Exposome Research to Study the Impact of Environment on Health, Utrecht, 2016

Start date: 
28 Oct, 2016
Event Speaker: 
M.Oudeman, R. Vermeulen, P.Vineis, D.Grobbee, J. Vlaanderen, M.Sun, J.Okeme, N. Mostafavi.
More Information: 
For many common diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer, and neurological disorders, the environment constitutes a large risk factor. Understanding environmental impacts on human health and how these can be modified to improve health are the next steps in improving health and wellbeing across the lifespan. The Exposome concept was developed to quantify the totality of a person’s environmental exposures in space and time, including where we live, the air we breathe, our social interactions and lifestyle such as smoking and exercise, and the extent to which these affect inherent biological functions encoded by our genome.  
This workshop introduces the concept of the Exposome and provides examples of implementing this research in a new generation of studies of environmental health risks. The workshop is organized by Utrecht University as part of a global collaboration with the University of Toronto and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
Target audience:
The workshop is organized for national researchers and other parties that are interested to learn about the Exposome concept, the research projects, and international collaborations that are currently undertaken in this field. The working language will be English.
The workshop will take place between 15:00-17:30PM, at Utrecht University Campus de Uithof.