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University of Bristol

The ALSPAC study is a population-based, longitudinal birth cohort recruited during pregnancy in 1991-1992.  ALSPAC is based in the School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol.  Research in the School tackles many key public health and healthcare issues within major research centres and programmes.  Researchers come from a wide range of academic disciplines and clinical specialties, collaborating on key substantive and methodological questions across the population health sciences. In the 2008 UK research assessment exercise, 35% of our research in epidemiology and public health was rated 4* (world-leading).

Role in the project

ALSPAC contributes to coordination and data harmonisation by contributing samples for exposure measurements of 60 participants and replication samples from a case: control samples of 500 participants with asthma and 500 with no asthma.  

Key persons to be involved

Name  Expertise Role in the project
Professor John Henderson Paediatrics, respiratory medicine,
allergy, clinical measurement,
respiratory epidemiology
Lead WP4, collaborator
to WP9
Dr Susan Ring  Genetics, laboratory methods,
management of biosample collections
Professor G Davey Smith Clnical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology,
use of omics and genetics to strengthen
​casual inference in observational studies
WP9, WP10