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King's College London

As one of the world’s top universities, based in one of the few truly international cities, King’s College London (KCL) is a powerhouse in health research and education and at the heart of London. Over the past decade the College has advanced its standing to the point where in many areas it is now recognised to be a leading player both nationally and internationally.  KCL's research excellence and reputation is evidenced by the 6 MRC Research Centres including the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, which is the largest number awarded to any single university in the UK.

The position of King's as a leader in biomedical research and education is made possible by its long-standing association with its NHS Trusts. Analytical & Environmental Sciences is one of the seven Research Divisions in the School of Biomedical Sciences comprising 16 principal investigators and Professor Kelly leads the Division.

Role in the project

Kings College London leads on air pollution monitoring and modeling in WP3 as well as leads WP6 and conduct analysis of protein adducts (adductomics).

Key persons to be involved

Name  Expertise Role in the project
Professor Frank Kelly Respiratory toxicology and physiology WP3 participant
Joint lead at Personal monitoring
in short term studies task  
Lead Development of LUR models
for OP measurements task
Professor David Phillips  Human biomonitoring and
carcinogen activation
Lead of WP6
Dr Nutthida Kitwiroon Modeller
Model development for PM
oxidative potential
Dr Esme Purdie Toxicologist PM filter oxidative potential analysis