• The 39th Annual UKEMS Conference - King's College London
    Keynote Lectures: Sir Michael Stratton (Hinston), Alan Lehmann (Bristol), Jos Kleinjans (Maastricht). Please see below for a full list of invited speakers.
    26 Jun, 2016 to 29 Jun, 2016
    More Information:

    The 39th Annual UKEMS conference to be held at King's College London is now fast approaching and will be held on Sunday 26th June until Wednesday 29th June. Full details of the conference can be found on the website www.ukems2016.org including a detailed programme of the conference. 

    UKEMS traditionally makes every effort to keep the registration fees for the annual conference as low as possible and promotes Young Scientist and New Investigators to showcase their work by short oral presentations or the poster sessions.PhD students are encouraged to participate. Registration fee for PhD students is only £150 for the full conference.

    Keynote Lectures:

    Sir Michael Stratton, Hinxton
    Alan Lehmann, Brighton
    Jos Kleinjans, Maastricht, The Netherlands

    UK Molecular Epidemiology Group Session – Exposomics:
    Paolo Vineis, London
    Nicole Probsch-Hensch, Basel, Switzerland
    George Preston, London
    John Gulliver, London
    Augustin Scalbert, Lyon, France
    Christina Villanueva, Barcelona, Spain

    Causes of Mutational Signatures:
    Peter Campbell, Hinxton
    Steve Jackson, Cambridge
    Bettina Meier, Dundee
    Serena Nik-Zainal, Cambridge
    Jill Kucab, London

    Particle-induced Lung Inflammation and Genotoxicity
    Frank Kelly, London
    Martin Leonard, Harwell
    Ian Jarvis, London
    Ian Mudway, London
    Chang Guo, Harwell
    Terry Tetley, London
    Andrew Thorley, London

    Transgenic Mouse Models to Elucidate Pathways of Mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity:
    Paul White, Ottawa, Canada
    Mirjam Luijten, Bilthoven, The Netherlands
    Volker Arlt, London

    Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision-making Based in Quantitative Analysis of Genetic Toxicology:
    Wout Slob, Bilthoven, The Netherlands
    George Johnson, Swansea
    James Harvey, Herts

    UK Industrial Genotoxicity Group Session:
    Vasily Dobrovolsky, Jefferson, USA
    Ann Doherty, Cambridge
    Paul Fowler, Sharnbrook
    Carol Beevers, Harrogate



  • Epigenetics and Environmental Origins of Cancer Conference
    Please follow the link on the detailed programme for details on all event speakers.
    11 Jun, 2016 to 12 Jun, 2016
    More Information:
  • IARC 50th Anniversary Conference
    Christopher Wild (IARC), Paolo Vineis (Imperial College London), Elio Riboli (Imperial College London) alongside a wide variety of event guest speakers.
    07 Jun, 2016 to 10 Jun, 2016
    More Information:

    Please follow the link below for additional details on the agenda and programme of the Conference.

    Detailed Programme

    Paolo Vineis presentation, 'Systems perspectives of the exposome'